EPP Unit (Bumper Shock Absorber Production)
Mehr Cam Pars is the only manufacturer / producer of bumper shock absorber of EPP type (technology used / used technology in modern cars of the world) in the country.
Paint Lines
With robotic paint lines and electrostatic aircoat paint spray system, Mehr Cam Pars is able to meet the need of auto manufacturer / producer s and other sources in the field of painting small and big polymer parts.
Decorative Effects Technology
The modern technology of decorative effects such as wood pattern of polymer parts brings diversity and beauty to the products of Mehr Cam Pars. This technology, which is a combination of art and industry, is used is some parts of consul and dashboard of sedan cars.
Plastic Injection Salons
Mehr Cam Pars is one of the biggest plastic injection companies in the country. This company is equipped with different kinds / types of 60-3200 Ton injection machinery / machines, wind injection machinery / blow molding, and extrude /extrusion production line with the ability to manufacture / produce auto internal and exterior decorative parts internal and external decorative auto parts.